Creating a POE solution for iSmartAlarm Spot


If you have a iSmartalarm Spot security camera, and you haven’t the posibility to bring electricity to it, you can use this tutorial so it will be fed with the electricity that cames by a Ethernet (network) cable. This technology is commonly named «Power Over Ethernet» (POE).

At this tutorial is needed:

  • A POE injector: 48V 1,25A. You can find it at Ebay

    Also the VDE power cable is not usually included, but you can find it easly at Ebay, Amazon…



  • A high quality CAT cable. As we are going to transport electricity and data in the same wire, and for avoiding shorcircuits, fires, electromagnetic interference or others, do not hesitate buying a premium wire for this purpose. Your time is money. Also is important to use only one wire, not plugin 2 or more, so look for one which measure can satisfy your needs. For example this IBRA® 10M Cable de red Gigabit Ethernet Lan CAT.7 at Amazon.


  • A short microusb cable. For not having plenty of meters of wires, having a short wire is the most discreet and elegant solution.

With all this items, creating the POE solution is easy:

  1. Plug the power injector to the wall, and to an end of the RJ45 cable.
  2. Plug the other end of the RJ45 wire at the rear of the wall POE plug.
  3. Plug the microusb to the wall plate.
  4. Plug the iSmartAlarm Spot camera to the microusb.

And you’re done.

Note: if you want to transport data a part of electricty using the RJ45 (what should happen in most of cases), plug the data cable in the second socket of the power injector.





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